Eggs, Noodles and Chicken from Open land

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The Moarhofhechtl has been family-owned since 1792 and documented since 1383. Contented chickens scratch in the yard and alpine oxen graze on the pasture behind the barn, producing the well-known ALMO® beef. More than 30 noodle varieties of the highest quality are made with the farm’s own free-range eggs. Not only home-made noodles and free range eggs but also other Almenland specialities are offered in the farm store. The specialities produced in-house are sold in the farm store along with gifts such as noodle bouquets. All products can also be purchased through the online shop.

Family Robert und Petra Schrenk

Haufenreith 56
8162  Passail
Telefon: 0043 3179/23682
Mobil: 0043 664/8514430
E-Mail: info (at) moarhofhechtl. at

SAM-Haltestelle: 3358 Haufenreith Moarhofhechtl

Open land chicken

Our yard is one of two adjoined small farms in Passail. Since 1995 we have been part of the organic harvest union and therefore the organic culitvation is given without a doubt. We are keeping broiler chicken in groups of 50 to 100 in self-developed mobile stables in the middle of the meadow. After a stressless phase of 8 to 9 weeks we slaughter the chicken directly at our farm.

We sell our meat on the whole or as a half. You can get the chickens directly at our yard or at our partners Kaufhaus Reisinger in Passail or Bleykolm in Weiz.

We are asking for reservations due to the high demand.

Gaulhof Weidehuhn

Family Farzer/Weinberger

Fladnitz 143/1
8163 Fladnitz/Teichalm
Telefon: 0043 676 7560750
E-Mail: elisabeth.farzer (at) gmail. com