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Honey with special active substances

There are next to no intensively farmed fields and orchards in the Naturpark Almenland, which means there is no spraying. As a result, no residues of herbicides or pesticides can get into the honey. The alpine region with its rich offering of various herbs and medicinal plants also makes it possible for the bees to produce honey with special active substances.

A group of innovative Almenland bee-keepers has set the goal of not only producing honey of special quality, but also numerous other premium products of the beehive. Numerous awards confirm the quality of their work.

Almenland Imkerei Kreiner

The Almenland Imkerei Kreiner is located 700 m above sea level, about 1.2 km from the Passail town centre. Numerous products from honey, propolis and beeswax are made at the apiary. Claudia Schellnegger also makes the popular Almenland pralines, gingerbread and honey chocolates on site.

Karl Kreiner

Lindenbergweg 39
8162 Passail
Phone: 0043 (0)3179 / 23 788
Mobile: 0043 (0)676 / 50 49 280
E-Mail: office (at)

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Honey, Mead, Propolis, Wax, Gift Baskets

Franz Schinnerl

Wiedenberg 37
8162 Arzberg
Phone: 0043 3179/27173

Honey, Meat, Must, Liqueur

Lorenz Schinnerl

Hart 15
8162 Passail
Phone: 0043 664/1906708
Mail: lorenz.schinnerl (at)