Schools in the Nature Park Almenland

Education is the PRIORITY

Projects, station work and open forms of learning

Projects, station work and open forms of learning lead to independence and creativity. Foreign languages, use of modern teaching aids and information technologies, health education, preparation for the world of work or secondary schools, lifelong learning are special concerns for us.
"Experiencing the Soul of the Landscape" was the name of the annual project of the NMS Passail under the direction of Josef Tomsitz and Elisabeth Zünterl. Together with the storyteller Frederik Frans Mellak, two classes tried to sense the "soul of the landscape" in the course of the four seasons in this eight-subject project and to implement the experiences artistically. The main focus was on consciously perceiving and learning to appreciate nature. The results included a successful photo exhibition and the school being awarded the title "PILGRIM School".

Nature Park School Mittelschule Passail
Headmistress Dipl. Päd. Silvia Schloegl-Hierz

Weizer Straße 46
8162 Passail
Telephone: 0043 3179/2355021
E-Mail: nms.passail (at) hs-passail. at

The small primary school

Arzberg is located away from major thoroughfares and offers complete relaxation because of this quiet and peaceful location. For hiking enthusiasts, Arzberg is a valued starting point for relaxing hikes through the mountain world of its surroundings. Hikes through the natural wonder of the Raabklamm gorge are particularly attractive. The old silver mines have been turned into a much-visited exhibition mine. Other attractions are the local history museum and the Stubegg ruins, where the famous castle plays take place in summer.

Nature Park School Primary School Arzberg
Headmistress Tanja Grabmaier, BEd

Arzberg 3
8162 Arzberg
Telephone: 0043 3179/274505

Learning to understand and love nature

The main focus of the multi-grade primary school in Breitenau am Hochlantsch is the integration of children with special needs as well as the experience of nature and the inclusion of the environment as a learning environment for the children. Co-determination and co-creation are also important.

Nature Park School Primary School Breitenau
Temp. Headmistress Elisabeth Strukely, BEd

St. Jakob 32
8614 Breitenau am Hochlantsch
Telephone: 0043 3866/5135
E-Mail: vs.breitenau (at) gmx. at

Health-conscious - close to nature - high-performance - value-oriented

Mission statement of VS Fladnitz/T.

  • Health-conscious
  • Close to nature
  • High performance
  • Value-oriented

We teachers ...

  • develop a healthy nutritional awareness with our pupils
  • educate our pupils to treat the environment with care
  • give the pupils a solid basis of basic knowledge and prepare them for the transition to secondary schools
  • educate our pupils to work independently
  • develop the creative abilities of the pupils
  • take responsibility for the success of their learning
  • promote social learning and help the pupils to develop their personality
  • help shape the cultural and religious life of our school community
  • create an atmosphere of well-being in which teaching and learning are a pleasure
  • see ourselves as the first point of contact for pupils
  • are constantly developing our skills

We parents ...

  • support the school in projects and events
  • expect the best possible preparation for secondary schools
  • want enough opportunities for our children to exercise
  • want modern, alternative forms of learning
  • educate our children to become tolerant, friendly, critical and independent people
  • want religious and cultural values to continue to be taught.

Nature Park School Primary School Fladnitz at the Teichalm
Headmistress Dipl. Päd. Christine Lehofer

Fladnitz 27
8163 Fladnitz an der Teichalm
Telephone: 0043 3179/23323
E-Mail: vs.fladnitz-teichalm (at) aon. at

Integration and care is important to us!

Great importance is attached to the inclusive care of children with special needs.
A wide range of activities bring variety into the lessons. The school also takes an active part in the life of the community.

Mission Statement of the Primary School Koglhof

    Maintaining conversations between parents, teachers and pupils and discussing problems
    Promoting love for the homeland, nature and the environment; helping to organise festivals and cultivating customs.
    To live together in peace and mutual respect and not to exclude anyone.
    Teaching cultural techniques (reading, writing, arithmetic) and awakening a willingness to perform without pressure.
    Being friendly to each other, speaking politely to each other and greeting each other.
  • To treat people with different skin colour, different culture and different needs openly and without prejudice.
    with an open mind
    Respond to the needs of all pupils and support them in the best possible way.

Nature Park School Primary School Koglhof
Headmistress Karin Dörfler, Dipl.Päd.

8191 Koglhof 35
Telephone: 0043 (0)3174/5000-0
Fax: 0043 3174/50004
E-Mail: vs.koglhof (at) aon. at

"Learning together with all senses"

Reform pedagogical knowledge, which the teachers have acquired through additional training, flows into the lessons, promotes the quality of teaching and is an essential part of the support concept in our school.
In the context of the textile art project under the motto "From A - Z grown from the hand", the pupils of the second grade were given a creative approach to sheep's wool - a product of the Almenland - in the previous year. The results were presented at the Reisinger shopping centre.
Another product of this project is the sheep wool yurt.
The following experience stations were supervised by our pupils during the Almenland event on 28 May 2006

  • "Fairytale yurt" - reading herbal tales and recognising herbs
  • "Herb witches" - various games around and with herbs

Nature Park School Primary School Passail
Headmistress Tanja Sattler, BEd.

Weizer Straße 103
8162 Passail
Telephone: 0043 3179/23331
E-Mail: vs-passail (at) aon. at

The school is important in the community

School Mission Statement
Our guiding principles at the Nature Park School Pernegg an der Mur:
We want to challenge and promote the aptitudes and talents of all pupils in the best possible way in an environment appropriate for children.
We want to be a school of diversity: Keeping the tried and tested and being open to the new.
We are interested in an active and fruitful cooperation with parents.
Good manners with the children and among the children are a matter of concern to us.
Festivals and celebrations should strengthen our community and deepen the feeling of togetherness.

Nature Park School Primary School Pernegg at the Mur
Headmistress VD Dipl.Päd. Sonja Brandl

Kirchdorf 14
8132 Pernegg an der Mur
Telefon: 0043 3867/804460
E-Mail: vs (at) pernegg. at

Music, Creativity, Sport & Movement

As part of the village community, we try to live tradition and customs.
We promote music and creativity as well as sports and exercise.
Currently, the VS Gasen has four classes. 56 children are attending our school this school year.
Because of the departmental teaching in many subjects, the children learn to be particularly considerate of each other.

The main topic of the school year 2005/06 was the history of the community and the 600 year celebration of the community of Gasen, in which the school actively participated.

Primary School Gasen
Headmistress Silvia Straßegger

Gasen 2
8616 Gasen
Telephone: 0043 3171/205
E-Mail: vs.gasen (at) aon. at

Primary School St. Kathrein/Offenegg

We attach importance to

  • the development of social skills through considerate, respectful, tolerant and non-violent interaction with each other.
  • Acquiring competence-oriented knowledge through independent, self-reliant learning and team-oriented behaviour.
  • active contact with all school partners.
  • old and new teaching possibilities.
  • the promotion of the artistic, creative and sporting talents of our pupils.
  • the awakening and promotion of a positive environmental awareness among the pupils, as well as on a sustainable use of nature's resources.

Focal points:

  • Language promotion
  • Climate school
  • Healthy nutrition
  • English

SQA Development Plan:

  • Theme 1: Language promotion with regard to written language.
  • Theme 2: Development into a "climate school".

Primary School St. Kathrein at the Offenegg
Headmistress VOL Dipl.-Päd. Elfriede Raith

Dorf 99
8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg
Telephone: 0043 3179/8286
E-Mail: vs.kathreino (at) aon. at

Elementary school according to the Montessori concept

"We dream of schools where our children's talents are discovered and can flourish."

At the Volkschule Neudorf, the pedagogical concept was revised and a contemporary approach to learning was found for the pupils.
Teaching that gives space to the children's differences and in which they can grow and learn independently and on their own responsibility, together in a mixed-age learning group.

Characteristics, and especially important for the teachers are the following points:

Reformed educational concept according to the principles of Maria Montessori.

  • Immanent performance assessment, catalogue of learning objectives, learning objective checks,
  • Rhythmic weekly planning
    Reading breakfast, projects, theatre, stories, motivation
  • Learning offices
    Book presentations, games, songs, appointments, activities, problem solving, target-oriented learning, practice opportunities,
  • Daily movement break outdoors
    Movement break, 20 minutes outdoors
    Gymnastics, crafts, painting, explorer lab, English but 1st grade, forest learning space,
  • Friday of the month
    Occupation with themes of the year

The school also places great emphasis on independent learning, the promotion of social skills, teaching that is relevant to life and the times, order, health, discipline, constant and good contact with parents, individualisation and respect.

Primary School Neudorf bei Passail
Headmistress Carina Sumper

Oberneudorf 47
8162 Passail
Telephone: 0043 3179/20019
E-Mail: vs-neudorf (at) passail. at