The economy-region

Cooperation & Cohesion

The Almenlandwirtschaft association consists of many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Almenland region. We try to strengthen the awareness of the population as well as the entrepreneurs for the economic interests of the region. Almenlandwirtschaft sees a major task in constantly reviving interest in economic achievements, services and cultural events.

The handshake

The handshake stands as a symbol for our alpine pasture economy. A handshake has many meanings, e.g. trust, unity, value, but also strength. With this strength, the entrepreneurs and their qualified employees prove their quality every day. Through trust and unity, you as a customer can rely on an honest partnership with the economy. This handshake quality gives everything more value. You too can benefit from the services of the Almenland businesses.

Apprentices in the Almenland

The Almenland economy, together with the businesses in the Almenland and FARO Consulting GmbH, will counteract the "apprenticeship problem" in order to increase the appreciation of vocational training in the Almenland. A wide range of activities will introduce pupils to the various apprenticeship occupations in the region.

The Almenland Economy Association

The Almenlandwirtschaft association has members from all over the Almenland and from all sectors of the region and currently has about 75 members.


Tourism, agriculture, forestry and small businesses characterise the economy of the Almenland. 41.4 % of the population work in the service sector, 40.9 % in industry, trade and construction and "only" 17.7 % in agriculture and forestry. About 61 % commute to work from the region. The Almenland Economy Association was founded in 2006. Its aim is to strengthen regional businesses through close cooperation.

Chairman Thomas Reisinger
Secretary's office Karin Farnleitner

Wiedenbergstraße 37
8162 Passail
Mobil: 0043 664/2414640
E-Mail: wirtschaft (at)