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Chronicle of Innovation - 25 Years Nature Park Almenland

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the region "Naturpark Almenland" a "Chronicle of Innovation" has been compiled. It is a comprehensive reading work of almost 250 pages, which is supported by public funds. According to the motto: "Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?" it describes the development of the 6 member municipalities over the past 25 years. The Almenland has become a pearl of Europe, a jewel in Austria and for the inhabitants a wonderful, vibrant and yet natural home. 

"Behind every project, behind every initiative there is a person and behind every person there is a story. Finding them, thereby fathoming where and how ideas are born and where the motivation for cohesion lies, was my concern," says author Karl Oswald. The Almenland is full of history and stories, a land worth seeing and living in. A land that is shaped by the times, the people, their culture and their innovative power. Not shouting loudly like the trend of the times, but quiet and unobtrusive, but all the more heartfelt for it. 
In the commemorative publication there is a collection of future-oriented Leader projects, but also stories from the past. How our ancestors also created a lot with very little. 
Especially in times of the Corona pandemic, "reading" is being rediscovered as a meaningful leisure activity. "The chronicle is a reading material that brings us closer to the knowledge of our homeland in a wonderful way and should therefore find a place in every household in the Almenland Nature Park," says chairman Bgm ÖR Erwin Gruber.

People who trust in their roots do not take a step backwards, but simply take a running start. (Karl Oswald)

How do I get the chronicle?

The Almenland Chronicle is available at all parish councils and at the Almenland Office. There are other sales points in the region (department stores, municipal offices, post offices, etc.). The best way to find out where the chronicles are available is to contact the municipal offices or the respective parish councils.


  • Price: the chronicle costs € 20.00 incl. VAT; € 5.00 of the sales proceeds are donated to a charitable cause within the region.
  • Length: 240 pages
  • Layout: A4 format, hard cover

The chronicle can be bought at the Almenland office (Fladnitz 100, 8163 Fladnitz/T.). We will also be happy to send it to you by post. It will be sent cash on delivery (plus € 9.50 postage + cash on delivery fee). 

Order the Chronicle

Other sales points:

  • Gemeindeamt St. Kathrein/O.
  • Gemeindeamt Passail
  • Kaufhaus Reisinger in Passail
  • Gemeindeamt Breitenau/H.
  • Gemeindeamt Gasen
  • Kaufhaus + Tankstelle Pichler in Breitenau/H.
  • Buchhandlung Haas in Weiz
  • Buchhandlung Plautz in Gleisdorf
  • Buch- & Papierecke Heschl in Birkfeld

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