Climate-friendly Nature Park Almenland

124 climate and energy model regions (KEM) in 1134 municipalities implement climate protection projects - the Nature Park Almenland is one of them! 

The Austrian climate and energy model regions have the following goal: clean energy production from wind, water and bioenergy from the region. The model region managers and partners from the regions jointly implement projects in the following areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Sustainable building
  • Mobility
  • Agriculture
  • Awareness raising

"Climate and Energy Model Regions" is a programme of the Climate and Energy Fund. The programme co-finances regional climate protection projects and regional model region management. Being a climate and energy model region offers access to a broad network as well as exclusive training, support and funding.

Electric charging stations

In the Nature Park Almenland, some e-charging stations were supported by the KEM:

  • Stoanihaus, Dorfplatz 9, 8616 Gasen, 2x Typ2 - 22kW, Details
  • Stoanihaus, Dorfplatz 9, 8616 Gasen, 1x Typ2 - 17kW, 4x Schuko, Details
  • GH Pröllhofer, Cafe Bar Hills, Tulwitzviertl 9, 8163 Fladnitz/T, 1x Typ2 - 11kW, 3x Schuko, Details
  • GH Frankenhof, Nechnitz 7, 8163 Fladnitz/T., 3x Schuko, Details
  • GH Hofbauer, Breitenauer Straße 37, 8614 Breitenau am Hochlantsch, 1x Typ2 - 22kW, 3x Schuko, Details
  • Kathreinerhaus, St. Kathrein am Offenegg 99, 8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg, 2x Typ2 - 22kW, Details
  • Der WILDe EDER, Dorf 3, 8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg, 1x Typ2 - 11kW, Details
  • Gemeinde Passail, Tennishalle/Freizeitsee,  Fladnitzer Straße 31, 8162 Passail, 2x CCS 50kW, 4x Typ2 - 11kW, Details
  • Gemeinde Passail, Nähe Bäckerei Niederl, 2x Typ2 - 22kW, Details
  • Gemeinde Passail, Rathaus, Markt 1, 8162 Passail, 2x Typ2 - 11kW, Details
  • Gemeinde Passail, Parkdeck, Fladnitzer Straße 6, 8162 Passail, 2x Typ2 - 11kW, Details
  • Almwellness Hotel Pierer, Teichalm 77, 8163 Fladnitz/T., 4x Typ2 - 22kW, Details
  • Currently OUT OF SERVICE: Teichalmlifte (Aibl), Teichalm 143, 8163 Fladnitz/Teichalm, Details

E-Carsharing in Passail

You want to share a 100% electric car with others and save money?

Then we have just the thing for you:

  • VW E-Golf of the latest generation (36kWh battery).
  • Location at the parking deck of the market town Passail/ Kaufhaus Reisinger in town
  • With professional online booking platform
  • Easy, safe and environmentally friendly on the road
  • Electric driving fun with 100kW power
  • Range up to 250km, fast-chargeable
  • Intelligent charging cable NRGkick and charging cards available

It's that easy:

  1. Initial registration and personal training
  2. Book HANS at or by phone 0043 664/3586589
  3. Pick up HANS with your customer card and drive off

HANS tariffs at a glance

With HANS you are flexible, cheap and environmentally friendly mobile!

 SniffPrivate Company
Basic fee / year€ 0,00€ 69,00€ 119,00
Hourly rate€ 6,92€ 4,92€ 1,56
Kilometer priceinclusiveinclusive€ 0,36 / km
Daily rate€ 69,00€ 49,00not possible
Weekend package
(FR 18.00 - SO 24.00)
€ 120,00€ 89,00not possible
one-time registration€ 19,90€ 14,90€ 14,90

Prices are incl. 20% VAT. 
Rates valid from March 2020 until revoked and subject to further changes!

HANS Online

First time registration in advance!

The e-car sharing is offered by KFZ Johann Lembacher e.U. in cooperation with the market town of Passail and is supported by the Ökofonds in the course of the provincial strategy electromobility Styria.

Johann Lembacher e.U.

Obergasse 24
8162 Passail
Telephone: 0043 664/3586589
E-mail: ecar (at) kfz-lembacher. at

Climate and Energy Model Region
Manager of the Model Region Mag. Martin Auer

Dorfplatz 1
8616 Gasen
Telefon: 0043 664/8514441
E-Mail: martin.auer (at) almenland. at