The brand "Almenland"

In 2004, Almenland Regionsentwicklungs GmbH was founded as Almenland Marketing GmbH. The GmbH has the administration of the Almenland brands over and is also the patent owner of the brand "Naturpark Almenland - Die ALMO Genussregion".

The main focus is on the further development and marketing of the region. This includes support for brand owners, partnership building and project development and implementation. Almenland Regionsentwicklungs GmbH is run as an advertising agency and offers services in the field of event management and graphics.

A piece of the Almenland to take home...

We strive to always design new, innovative, creative Almenland give-aways. These should not only offer a marketing effect but an added value for the whole region. And the Almenland articles are not only popular with Almenlanders, but also with our guests and friends! 

You can find an overview of all Almenland articles here:

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Almenland Region Development GmbH
CEO Michaela Hirtler

Fladnitz 100
8163 Fladnitz an der Teichalm
Telefon: 0043 3179/2300014
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