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What would the Almenland Nature Park be without alpine pastures?
Quite simple: forest.

Here, where colourful alpine meadows with their "fifty shades of green" tempt us to hikes with magnificent views, would be forest. A valuable habitat and multi-talented in providing services for us humans. But the great diversity of species, habitats and varieties would be missing. They are not only the prerequisite of high biodiversity, but also the basis for our food, therefore the direct basis of life.

And because most of these habitats are not naturally the way we experience them today, in this brochure we bring not only plants and animals before the curtain, but also farmers, producers, nature park specialities, partners and restaurateurs. For without processing into food, the cattle on the alpine pastures and the farmers' services would be degraded to mere landscape maintenance. The regional cycle of habitat - production - culture of life - food is only closed when the food is consumed.

We invite you - help yourself!
Show your appreciation for our unique landscape and the services of the farmers - by indulging in the enjoyment of landscape and food!

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On our Youtube channel you will regularly find new videos on this brochure.
Our professional chefs reveal tips and tricks for the respective recipes and give insights into the catering businesses.

Have fun watching and cooking!

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