Nature Park Almenland in Styria

Winter in the Nature Park!

The Naturpark Almenland nature preserve is part of eastern Styria. Located in the midst of Styria, it is just 50 km north of the state and cultural capital Graz. With its 125 contiguous alpine pastures, the Almenland is one of Austria’s largest alpine regions, making it ideal for hiking and relaxing family holidays!

Winter in the Almenland

When the sun shines on the deeply snow-covered mountain pastures, the glittering snow and brooks with icy banks, the Almenland truly appears enchanting!  Cross-country skiers enjoy the sunniest cross-country ski runs anywhere. Others come to warm up by enjoying the offers of wellness facilities far above the fog.

The small but nice ski areas are charming and manageable with reasonable lift prices, making them ideal for family holidays. Ski schools offer corresponding instruction and heart-warmingly look after the little ones.  Magic carpets and children’s lifts are great for parents who enjoy sledding and sliding on the slopes with their offspring.

Those who mainly want to enjoy the winter landscape pack their hiking boots or snowshoes and explore the snow-covered winter hiking trails. Horse-drawn sleigh rides or full moon hikes are offered for the romantically inclined.
We will see you during the winter holidays in Naturpark Almenland!