Nature Park Almenland in Styria

Summer in the Nature Park!

In summer, the Almenland Nature Park shines in all its splendor and offers an impressive backdrop for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The months of June to August are all about the warm season and invite you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. What is particularly outstanding during this time is the lively life in nature, accompanied by culinary highlights in the local inns and excursion destinations in the Almenland.

Summer in the Almenland!

When summer heat blankets the cities so that every movement makes you sweat, paralysing all activity – that is the time for refreshing alpine summer holidays in the Naturpark Almenland. Here a light breeze is always blowing across the rich, green alpine pastures, and the mountain brooks offer refreshment with their sparkling clear water. Lush blossoms are everywhere, from floral arrangements in the villages to chrysanthemums, bellflowers and ragged robins in the meadows. Starting in July, the fragrance of freshly mowed fields is added to the mix, so delicious one begins to envy the cattle for their feed. On the other hand, what the local innkeepers serve their guests is also really delicious and should definitely not be missed!

From hiking to biking or climbing, summer freshness in the alps also includes some exercise. With plenty of offerings, there is something for every taste and skill level. After doing sports, allow yourself to be pampered at the hands of experienced masseurs or beauticians. Our wellness sector has lots to offer, filling every day of your holidays with unadulterated enjoyment!