Nature Park Almenland in Styria

Spring in the Nature Park!

The Naturpark Almenland nature preserve is part of eastern Styria. Located in the midst of Styria, it is just 50 km north of the state and cultural capital Graz. With its 125 contiguous alpine pastures, the Almenland is one of Austria’s largest alpine regions, making it ideal for hiking and relaxing family holidays!

A charming sea of ​​flowers!

At some point, mostly in mid-April, he breaks in - spring in the Almenland! It only takes a few warmer days and the last snow remains on the Alm disappear as if by magic. And then the pasture is suddenly white again. The sun has thousands upon thousands of white and partly purple crocuses, lured from the damp alpine pasture: crocus meadows as far as the eye can see, making a hike across the alps a very special experience!

In the valleys, the spring has progressed a bit further, as the orchards already bloom on intensively yellow dandelion meadows. The dandelion blossom is so determining here that the beekeepers even offer a pure dandelion honey. A tribute to this versatile plant are the dandelion festivities that are celebrated throughout the Almenland at the beginning of May. During this time, spring-fresh culinary delights combine, of course, with the dandelion must not miss, with a colorful array of events.

From the end of May, it will then come to life on the pastures, when the cattle are raised again. A highlight in the annual run is the "skipping the skis" at the Sommeralm at the beginning of June, when the motley crew of the Sommerfrischler horses make up their ranking for the summer together on the Alm. In any case, our Alpine cattle may do what they want: the whole summer!

See you in spring in the nature park Almenland!