Cozy on the mountain pasture & a ibex feeling on the mountain

The Almenland, embedded in the picturesque landscape of Eastern Styria, is a paradise for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The nature park extends over rolling hills, lush meadows and dense forests and therefore offers the ideal backdrop for a relaxing and at the same time active hiking holiday.

The numerous hiking trails in the Almenland Nature Park lead through untouched nature and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain landscape. From leisurely walks along our idyllic mountain pastures to more challenging mountain tours, there is something for every hiker. The well-signposted routes allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the region.

A hiking holiday around the Almenland Nature Park promises all of this.

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253 km² hiking area for every taste and fitness level:

Hiking in spring, summer, autumn & winter!

On a hiking holiday around the Almenland Nature Park, there are 253 km² of hiking area for every taste: leisure hikers go on a hut tour, more ambitious hikers set off on summit tours. At the foot of the Almenland Nature Park, Alpine tours and culinary tours entice you to go on a long hike in spring and autumn. The most beautiful hikes in the Almenland Nature Park can be explored from spring to autumn; many of the hiking trails are also open in winter and recommended.

Family & Theme Hiking Trails in the Nature Park

Family & Theme Hiking Trails

These are our themed trails that are easy to walk and also exciting for children because there is a lot to see, experience and learn.


Easy hiking trails Hiking in the Nature Park

Easy hiking trails

These are leisurely hiking trails for everyone, these tours lead over wide paths or meadows. Only basic equipment (sturdy shoes, rain protection) is necessary.
Easy: max. 8 km, max. 400 metres altitude difference


Medium Hiking Trails Hiking in the Nature Park

Medium Hiking Trails

These trails are suitable for trained hikers, the mountain trails lead over alpine pastures and partly also stony terrain. Suitable equipment, a rucksack with at least 2 litres of water, bandages and some provisions are recommended.
medium: max. 16 km, max. 800 m altitude difference


Difficult hiking & stage trails in Nature Park

Difficult hiking trails & stage trails

Difficult hiking trails are demanding (mountain) trails, sometimes also in rocky terrain. In any case, mountain experience, a head for heights and a good physical condition are necessary, the appropriate equipment goes without saying.
difficult: over 16 km, more than 800 metres altitude difference


Hike the nature park & ​​collect points

Digital hiking pin
Discover the fascination of digital hiking in the Almenland Nature Park with our digital hiking pin! This modern option for hiking combines the traditional joy of exploration with contemporary technology.

The Digital Hiking Pin allows you to collect virtual “pins” as you explore the Almenland’s scenic hiking trails. Simply download the app, connect to the GPS system and start your hike. Along the way, you'll pass landmark points where you can collect digital badges while gaining information about the fascinating surroundings.

This interactive hiking experience not only offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Almenland Nature Park, but also to learn more about the flora, fauna and history of the region in a playful way. Share your successes with friends via the app and let the digital hiking pin inspire you to new adventures in Almenland!

Digital hiking pin

With the SummitLynx app, your smartphone becomes a hiking pass: go hiking, collect points and pick up the nature park hiker hiking pin at the Almenland office!

to the SummitLynx-App

to the digital Almenland hiking pin

Hiking tips

  • Prepare for your tours by paying attention to the weather forecast, carrying appropriate equipment and wearing sturdy shoes. Click here for our webcams.
  • Stay on the marked hiking trails.
  • Take enough fluids with you.
  • Find out about the hut opening times in advance.
  • Avoid litter and don’t leave it behind.
  • Follow the 10 rules of conduct for dealing with grazing livestock.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash. Leashes are required throughout the entire area.
  • Emergency call: 112

Hiking with a view and refreshments

"Hiking is the starter, nature is the main course, and al fresco dining is the sweet crowning touch to a truly enjoyable adventure."

The culinary component should by no means be neglected. The saying “Eating and drinking keeps body and soul together” gets to the point. For this reason, there are numerous huts and inns along our hiking trails that invite you to take a leisurely break. Taking a seat on a sunny terrace, enjoying a hearty “Brettljause” or a tempting pillow filled with jam, while letting your gaze wander over the landscape is simply part of it. The distant ringing of cowbells and the cheerful laughter of the relaxed guests accompany these enjoyable moments like a harmonious melody!

Here you will find our alpine huts:

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Majestic, powerful and at home in the Almenland Nature Park

The Capricorn

Although ibex were considered extinct around 1800, there are now around 800 of them throughout Styria. In the Almenland Nature Park, the majestic ibexes have once again found their very own place in the impressive mountain landscape. These fascinating animals, characterized by their impressive horns and graceful appearance, are the true rulers of the Alps.

That's why it's not difficult to come across these animals, which live here in the Almenland Nature Park mainly between the Hochlantsch and the Rote Wand. As a rule, they meet curious hikers with stoic calm. Please keep your distance and don't scare the animals! ...and dogs are far too similar to the natural enemy "wolf" and are therefore not liked by Capricorns. Please avoid hiking with dogs between Mixnitz, Bärenschützklamm, Hochlantsch and Roter Wand in order to avoid unpleasant encounters!